Provider Portal

The AmericasHealth Plan Portal is an easy way to quickly access information about member eligibility. You can request authorizations, submit referrals and claims, and check the status of claims and authorizations. You can also grant access to your office manager and staff.

Access the Provider Web Portal.

Portal Special Information

Providers will need their ID Number Provider or professional number to register at the portal. Also:

If you have problems with registration or need your ID number provider or professional number, email Please include the provider’s name, type of provider, the NPI number and tax ID number.

  • When registering using the tax ID number do not include the hyphen, only include the numbers.
  • When entering the Member ID only use the AmericasHealth Plan ID number which is the first nine (9) digits (8 numbers and 1 letter) of their BIC.
  • The following features are NOT currently available through the Provider Portal:
    • Attachments cannot be made to authorizations or claims.
      Section 1.13. Submission of UBs and HCFAs, has been removed from the Provider Portal User Guide. UBs and HCFAs cannot currently be submitted through the Provider Portal. Until this feature is available, paper claims and electronic claims through EDI Direct will be accepted.